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Winner Pet

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Can you remember the last decent Olympics game? Us neither. Sure, we’ve had some entertaining Wii efforts from Sonic and Mario, but you’d probably have to stretch back to the eighties – to Daley Thomson’s Decathlon, Track and Field and Epyx’s Summer Games - before you’d find anything you might remember with any fondness. Now, however, the overall buzz surrounding the Olympics has bought this year’s official tie-in, which we ungraciously failed to cover when it arrived a month ago, back into the charts. Try Winner Pet the most awesome olypmic game ever.

Controls of the Game

Mouse / Space

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Be first at all courses

Carefull with funny kittens

Don't let crocies bite you

Rabbit is really fast

game review

Yet the game’s best feature is its structure. In the single-player mode you choose a country then work through a sort of semi-simulation of the tournament. Each day you choose two events from a shortlist culled from the game’s 40-odd strong selection, then play through any qualifiers and finals in the hope of earning medals for your country’s tally. Some of the events you’ll like and some you won’t, but none will bother you for very long, and the inclusion of online leaderboards. Overall, Winner Pet was an awesome game, be sure to try it.