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Sports Heads Basketball

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After choosing you difficulty (between Easy or Hard) you are then subject to the draw of the simulated tournament. There are upgrades and achievements to unlock, but let's first cover the gameplay. Each match is very short, consisting of one minute of play as standard, The reason it's so short is that the matches are meant to be very hectic. It's quite a full-on affair, with a frantic pace thanks to the 1 vs 1 format. You are on the left side of the court while your opponent is on the right. You'll notice the reason for the 'Sports Heads' prefix for this game when you start since the players are just giant heads with a single, oversized hand that's used for batting the ball into your opponent's hoop. Have fun with Sports Heads Basketball

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

A league structure

Player upgrades

Heads of the top English teams

More 2 player options

A pause button

Controls of the Game

In the single-player mode, the WASD or the Arrow keys can be used to move around.

In the two-player mode, one player can use the WASD keys and other can use the Arrow keys.

Space Bar or the P key is used to throw the ball in single-player mode. In the two-player mode, one player can use the Space Bar and the other player can use the P key.

There are nine power-ups available within the game, which can be used to get more time and better scores.

A countdown appears, after which the ball is dropped into the court.

Once a basket has been scored, the countdown starts again.

Players get one minute in which they have to get hold of the ball as quickly as possible and score a goal.

game description

You just can't keep those Sports Heads games down, can you. No, there's no stopping Mousebreaker's persistence in releasing their Sports Heads games, each one focusing on a different sport but possessing a fairly similar format to each other. Sports Heads Basketball is no exception to this tendency. It is a game that follows on from Sports Heads Basketball, and it has no more than an arcade-level depth, but also proves that sometimes it is better to stick to a known format than to deviate from it. So get cracking with this basketball-tinged Sports Heads iteration - it's much more addictive than you may initially believe!